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Students, so you have a college list.  Now what?

Students, so you have a college list. Now what?

It's tough getting through college admissions. Flooded with stats, deadlines and high expectations, your angst can whip up to a frothy frenzy. Even with lots of support from the best parents and most experienced counselor.

Now, you can take more control and give yourself the confidence to tackle this daunting process. Whether you work independently and use College Kickstart to help keep your parents at bay, or invite them in for their peace of mind, you can make more sense of what's right for you.

See how it works.

Counselors, do you dream of more time to advise?

Counselors, do you dream of more time to advise?

Imagine fresh data, streamlined analysis, and insightful recommendations at your fingertips.

Imagine more time for the art of what you do. It's an art to understand each of your student's dreams, fears, strengths, and weaknesses so you can help them craft a college plan that's just right for them.

College Kickstart is the fastest and easiest way to design winning college plans personalized for each student. We handle the science so you have more time for the art of advising.

The numbers tell a story

  • Aggressive lists
    80% of the initial college lists we analyze need improvement. 94% of the time, it's because the lists are too aggressive. Is yours?
  • Early opportunities
    We help 97% of our users capitalize on appropriate early admission opportunities. On average, we find 3.7 opportunities per list and boost odds by 23%.
  • Wasted motion
    We help 86% of our users minimize wasted motion. Up to 6.6 applications and $454 in fees may be avoided if students are admitted to their top early opportunity.

Fresh data and insights

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