22 July 2015

Colleges With Better Admission Odds for Guys

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Question: what happens when a college wants a balanced class but has to draw on a much smaller male applicant pool?

Answer: higher admission rates for guys!

We looked at several popular coed institutions and searched for places where there was a 15% or greater admission rate advantage for male applicants.  The result: an intriguing list of 26 schools to consider.

The majority of the schools on the list are liberal arts colleges, but you'll also be surprised to see names like Brown, Pepperdine, Vanderbilt, Tufts and Yale.    

To help you categorize schools into safeties, targets and reaches, we've included admission rates, mid-50th percentile SAT and ACT scores.  We've also provided links to each school's website to help you explore fit.  

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Colleges with Better Admission Odds for Guys

College Kickstart LLC

InstitutionAdmit Rate (Male)Admit Rate (Female)Male AdvantageSAT Mid 50ACT Mid 50Link to school
Vassar College34201.70x1340-146030-33
Brown University1171.57x1330-155030-34
College of William and Mary42281.50x1270-147029-33
Pomona College15101.50x1380-154031-34
Wheaton College - IL77541.43x1190-141027-32
Pepperdine University44311.42x1120-133025-30
Davidson College26191.37x1230-144028-32
Vanderbilt University15111.36x1430-158032-34
Swarthmore College20151.33x1360-154029-34
Tufts University20151.33x1360-152030-33
Bowdoin College17131.31x1370-152031-34
Elon University64491.31x1130-132025-29
College of the Holy Cross49391.26x1230-138028-31
Pitzer College15121.25x1240-1430not reported
Bates College28231.22x1280-143029-32
University of Massachusetts - Lowell67561.20x1060-123022-28
Carleton College25211.19x1320-151030-33
Middlebury College19161.19x1260-147030-33
Wake Forest University38321.19x1210-142028-32
Brandeis University39331.18x1280-141029-33
George Washington University48411.17x1200-139027-31
Kenyon College28241.17x1230-142028-32
Williams College21181.17x1350-151031-33
Yale University761.17x1410-160031-35
Amherst College15131.15x1350-155030-34