Here's what students, parents and counselors are saying.

Here's what students, parents and counselors are saying.

Independent Counselors and High School College Counselors like the personalized recommendations and tailored plans for each student.

Independent Counselors and High School College Counselors like the personalized recommendations and tailored plans for each student.

"I found College Kickstart to be really useful because it centralized all of the data about college admissions in one place so it saved me a lot of time from having to research. It even gives me admission details about specific programs within colleges. I have not found other programs with this level of detail."

Erica Cosgrove, The College Specialist

There are a couple of things I couldn't work without—my computer and College Kickstart. It gives my students all of the data they need. I am there with them every step of the way, but College Kickstart allows me to step behind, so the decisions become their decisions. The college application process is a maturation process and I am there to guide and empower. College Kickstart helps me do that.

Karen Hyde, Hyde Consults

"I am really enjoying Kickstart! It certainly gives a 'reality check' to my students' lists and how their scores, grades and application timing might change the status of a college!"

Kathryn Miller, Miller Educational Consulting

"I often have clients who come with their own college lists based on 'someone from my school who had almost my transcript and scores got into Cal or UCLA.'  Other clients are so afraid they won’t get in anywhere because 'no one's getting in.' In both scenarios, I have found College Kickstart to be invaluable. I used my trial period to enter all the data from the previous years and the results from College Kickstart were spot-on. That's when I decided to buy it.

It helps me take the guesswork out of creating college lists. In the data-driven world we live in today, it gives my parents a sigh of relief and it helps me explain why and how I narrow down the college lists they come with. It also helps me add schools they hadn't considered.

Aesthetically, I love the simplicity of your product. It's clean and easy to navigate.

Something which is immeasurable is the time it frees up for me to spend with my family and myself during those super crazy application months!"

Ranna Patel, Ranna Patel Consulting

"I have to say it again...I love College Kickstart! It has made a huge difference with my clients and families."

Deb Davis Groves
Davis Groves Educational Services, Austin, TX

"We want to minimize the uncertainty that can surround the college selection process and empower our students to be the driver of their own journey. As a team of five, we are the passengers not the pilots while students find which colleges meet their needs and goals, and ultimately make decisions. College Kickstart meshes perfectly with our philosophy and complements our existing tools such as Naviance.

My team was impressed and we look forward to putting College Kickstart to work. It definitely helps us minimize uncertainty with sensible plans powered by students and supported by us."

Amy Selinger, Director of College Counseling
Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA

"We just recently surveyed the senior class and we asked them specifically about Kickstart, we also asked them specifically about how well informed they felt about expectations and information. 100% of them felt well informed and 89% of them said College Kickstart was a really helpful tool in their process."

Gabrielle Dorsey, Director of College Guidance
The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, CA

"Having the College Kickstart reports to help me prepare for my board report was a lifesaver. Instead of spending time on data collection, I was able to focus on the key messages I wanted to convey based upon the data that was in these reports. What would have taken me dozens of hours was quickly compiled and easily communicated. Thank you!"

Lauren Lieberman, Director of College Counseling
Shady Side Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

"I would estimate that College Kickstart frees up nearly 150 extra hours (about two hours per student) by pulling together admission rates, need-based aid policies, and availability of merit aid customized for each of my students. I use these 150 regained hours to work on composing letters of recommendation, scheduling college visits, and meeting with parents and students.

College Kickstart also helps take the sting out of delivering the news that a student may, for example, have too many reaches in his or her list. It provides an objective third-party evaluation of each student's college list based on real admissions data."

Amelia Johnson, Director of College Counseling
Indian Springs School

"The external validation that C​ollege ​Kickstart​ provides has been enormously valuable to me. As a new high school, we don’t have historical data to guide us.​"

"My students can run different scenarios on their own and and get judgement-free and risk-free feedback based on ​real data immediately. Using College Kickstart​ to explore their options is very empowering for them. They feel they can take more control of the process.​"

Patricia Goldsmith, Former Dean of College Counseling
The Nueva School, San Mateo, CA

Students like knowing that their college plan is prioritized for their best odds and less work. 

Students like knowing that their college plan is prioritized for their best odds and less work. 

"I think your website is GREAT! It's really helpful to have all the statistics available and to see the probability I have to get into the colleges. The action plan was also good for helping me prioritize my essays."

Alyssa S, McLean, VA

"I liked how this website offers high school students the analytical and statistical information to get admitted to a certain college...Personally, my favorite part was the "Action Plan" because it gives students the opportunity to be realistic with their college choices. And it might even serve as a motivation for them to try harder in standardized testing or their academics."

Presh L, San Francisco, CA

"Overall I found it very helpful. I think it is helpful to know if you have a good list of schools and other programs don't provide that in this way."

Natalie L, Saratoga, CA

"I found the action plan extremely helpful. Everything was so well organized too! Thanks!"

Conor M, Town, Old Town, ME

Parents like the sanity check that their child's college plan is realistic and on track.

Parents like the sanity check that their child's college plan is realistic and on track.

"I really like it. It gives prospective college bound students an idea if they are applying to a good mix of schools that will give them the best chance of being admitted. It's very intuitive and easy to use."

Gene H, Fremont, CA

"Just wanted to thank you for helping guide us through the crazy and stressful world of the college admission process.  Your website compiled data in an easy to use format and was very helpful in the application process. Your monthly emails always contained useful information as well. Our son was admitted to his ED school and your analysis and reports saved us time and money throughout the process."

Jon K, New York, NY

"I find it really helpful! It is very useful to get a realistic idea of a rising senior's chances at each college and ensures a comprehensive list of places to apply. It also does the Early Action/Early Decision I/Early Decision II analysis for you, which gets complicated if you are doing this on your own. I LOVE it!"

Victoria Z, San Francisco, CA

"I felt that College Kickstart was key in enabling my daughter to have a fairly stress free college application process. By starting early and playing out scenarios using the tools and data, planning out her tests with opportunity for retesting and prioritizing her essays, she came up with a plan and a plan B with which she felt comfortable, and then simply executed. Her strategy also enabled her to narrow her total applications to simply 4 schools by mid-December. Regardless where she ends up going to college, she now has a plan on how she is going get where she wants to go. No stress. No mess. So much easier than it had been for my son who used Naviance (because College Kickstart didn't exist yet!)! Thank you, College Kickstart!"

Greer T, Newton, MA

"College Kickstart is very easy to use, provides clear guidance, and lessens stress...we got an early action acceptance to our son's top choice school! If you have a high schooler applying in the coming years, I recommend you try it!"

Grace U, Raleigh, NC

"I think this is a very cool tool. It is easy to understand and gives people a reality check."

Penny D, Ipswich, MA

"Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that my daughter and I really appreciated the information on your website / service. We found that your predictions were very accurate. It was amazing to have my daughter's combination of college selections graded—so that we both knew if she (my daughter) was making realistic choices. Your website saved us time and money and helped us avoid unwanted stress.

It was eye-opening the first few times when your website's analysis determined that my daughter's list was very unrealistic. Using your website also prevented awkward moments between parent and child (such as the parent to have to hint that their child's list was too ambitious—and also not ambitious enough—for their child's GPA and test scores). The process is difficult for a parent—because almost all parents are unrealistically biased in favor of their child—and sometimes college information is outdated.

Using the information on your website, my daughter was able to identify many strong matches for her interests (and also grades and GPA)—and more importantly, she was able to take ownership of the college selection and application process. My daughter was able to narrow the list down to schools that she would be happy to attend (and also would be likely to get into). My daughter seemed less overwhelmed in writing her college essays (perhaps because she was excited by her entire list)—and seemed to have a much easier time writing her college essays (than her friends).

Because of the customized information that your website provided for my daughter, we saved so much time and money than her fellow classmates (and their parents). Because we signed up early for your service (in my daughter's Junior year)—we had access to this information early (in her junior year). We were able to be more focused on visiting schools that were realistic and did choose to visit some "reach" colleges for my daughter (during her Junior year spring break and the summer between Junior and Senior year)."

Michelle H, Bethesda, MD