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Avoid surprises, manage expectations and recover time to advise

Delivering high quality college planning just got a lot easier.

Using the latest admissions data, College Kickstart empowers your students to take charge of their college plans while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

It's incredibly easy to use, tuned to each student's list of schools and academic credentials, and helps you bridge the gap between "colleges I'm thinking about" and "colleges I'm applying to."

There's simply no better way to avoid surprises, manage expectations and free up time to do what you do best: advise!

Enriched admissions data

Enriched admissions data

If your students are applying to schools like Boston University, NYU, Northeastern or Tulane, you've seen firsthand why you can't afford to rely on stale admissions data to guide your plans.

College Kickstart helps you stay on top of the changes and minimize surprises. We start with the Common Data Set as our foundation, and enrich it in several ways to make sure you're working with the latest and most complete data available. We scour institutional research websites, news releases and other credible sources to track current year early and regular admission rates, key application requirements, affordability data, and even admission rates for 300+ departments across 50 popular institutions such as Cornell, Duke, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, UMass Amherst, UCLA and the University of Virginia.

Spend less time data hunting and more time being your student's college whisperer.

Empowered students

Empowered students

College Kickstart not only keeps vigil on the data for you, it also empowers your students to take greater ownership of their college plans.

Given a list of schools they have in mind and their academic credentials, we'll help:

  • Ensure their lists are balanced and set up for success
  • Capitalize on early admission opportunities
  • Minimize wasted effort along the way
  • Track key application requirements
  • Consider affordability as part of the plan

Better yet, plans are automatically updated each time the student's list of schools or academic profile change.

It's incredibly easy to use and a far better way to get and stay organized.

Better aligned expectations

Better aligned expectations

Managing student/parent expectations is always a delicate task.

Let us relieve some of the stress by providing the hard data to support what you know instinctively. Our objective, data-driven approach takes the emotion out of the equation and lets you spend less time being the bearer of bad news and more time on setting up your students for success.

Better yet, with our local context option enabled, you'll be able to leverage your high school's historical admissions data to drive how schools are categorized in College Kickstart. It's a powerful way to reflect the admissions "bump" you've developed with particular institutions over the years.

Control New

Control New

When the hard data isn't fully accounting for an applicant's special talents or circumstances, stay in control with our new counselor adjustments feature.

Counselor adjustments allow you to adjust how schools should be categorized for a particular student, making it easy to incorporate qualitative factors into list assessments.

It's a terrific way to handle applicants with hooks, applicants applying to highly selective majors, and/or applicants with inconsistent academic credentials.

More time to advise

More time to advise

Less time keeping vigil on the data and implications for your students means more time to do what you do best: advise.

Our counselor dashboard makes it easy to track the latest plans and activity history for each student under your charge. You'll have one-click access to:

  • Plan summaries
  • Key application requirements
  • Need-based financial aid ratings
  • Merit-based financial aid ratings

You'll also be able to track the impact you're having on list quality, early admission and wasted motion and quickly identify students who need more attention.

Audit trail

Audit trail

In search of an easier way to document progress with students and parents?

Our personalized plan reporting feature makes it easy to create professional quality deliverables to document progress and guide students forward. The report closely follows the structure of our web application and may be customized with your school logo and tailored commentary for each student.

Whether you use it after the first meeting, before the summer kicks in or in the early fall as you finalize plans, it's a terrific way to create an audit trail and ensure students are on the right track.

Streamlined board reporting

Streamlined board reporting

Outcome reports simplify the task of board reporting. You'll be able to import student outcomes, generate admission and matriculation summaries, compare school results to the latest national data and rankings, and even analyze results by quintile.

If you track outcomes directly within College Kickstart, you'll even be able to track admission rates by school category (e.g likelies, targets, reaches and unlikelies) as well as by student preference (top 1/2/3 choice)

All reports can be generated as PDFs or exported to Excel for additional spreadsheet jockeying.

Plan impact reporting

Plan impact reporting

Of course, it's not just about outcomes, it also about the journey to get there. College Kickstart makes it possible to track the impact you've had on that journey through our plan impact report. You'll be able to track student engagement levels and the impact you're having on list quality, early admission and wasted motion.

Works the way you work

Works the way you work

Use College Kickstart in the way you feel most comfortable. Plans can be driven by you, the student, or begin with you and passed to the student when you deem them ready. Better yet, you can decide on an individual student-by-student basis when to pass control, if ever.

A companion to the tools you already use

A companion to the tools you already use

College Kickstart is designed to complement your existing processes and tools, not replace them. Our focus is on the plan and how to best equip your students to take charge of it with while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

It's like injecting fresh data and insightful analytics into your current planning process.

The company we keep


  • "We want to minimize the uncertainty that can surround the college selection process and empower our students to be the driver of their own journey. As a team of five, we are the passengers not the pilots while students find which colleges meet their needs and goals, and ultimately make decisions. College Kickstart meshes perfectly with our philosophy and complements our existing tools such as Naviance.

    My team was impressed and we look forward to putting College Kickstart to work. It definitely helps us minimize uncertainty with sensible plans powered by students and supported by us."

    Amy Selinger, Director of College Counseling
    Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School
  • "We just recently surveyed the senior class and we asked them specifically about Kickstart, we also asked them specifically about how well informed they felt about expectations and information. 100% of them felt well informed and 89% of them said College Kickstart was a really helpful tool in their process."

    Gabrielle Dorsey, Director of College Guidance
    The Archer School for Girls
  • "Having the College Kickstart reports to help me prepare for my board report was a lifesaver. Instead of spending time on data collection, I was able to focus on the key messages I wanted to convey based upon the data that was in these reports.

    What would have taken me dozens of hours was quickly compiled and easily communicated. Thank you!"

    Lauren Lieberman, Director of College Counseling
    Shady Side Academy
  • "I would estimate that College Kickstart frees up nearly 150 extra hours (about two hours per student) by pulling together admission rates, need-based aid policies, and availability of merit aid customized for each of my students. I use these 150 regained hours to work on composing letters of recommendation, scheduling college visits, and meeting with parents and students.

    College Kickstart also helps take the sting out of delivering the news that a student may, for example, have too many reaches in his or her list. It provides an objective third-party evaluation of each student's college list based on real admissions data."

    Amelia Johnson, Director of College Advising
    Indian Springs School
  • "​The external validation that C​ollege ​Kickstart​ provides has been enormously valuable to me. As a new high school, we don’t have historical data to guide us.​

    My students can run different scenarios on their own and and get judgement-free and risk-free feedback based on ​real data immediately. Using College Kickstart​ to explore their options is very empowering for them. They feel they can take more control of the process.​"

    Patricia Goldsmith, Former Dean of College Counseling
    The Nueva School


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