Plans for High School Counselors

Plans for High School Counselors

Subscriptions to College Kickstart for Counselors run on a calendar year basis and are based on the number of students you wish to have covered. This way, there's just one fee to take your students from January 1st of junior year through December 31st of senior year.

Each student will gain access to the Premium edition of College Kickstart for Students/Parents ($125 value/student), and each of your counselors will get a dashboard to track and manage student progress at no extra charge. As part of the subscription you'll also receive product and admissions data updates throughout the year, as well as email-based technical support.

We'd love to hear about your needs and put together a plan that makes sense for you, whether you're advising 50 students or 500.

Please schedule a demo or send us an email and let's talk.

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 Feature summary

Enriched Admissions DataNew

  • Enriched data covering 400+ U.S. 4 year institutions
    Constantly updated from multiple sources, including the Common Data Set, school institutional research websites and factbooks and press releases
  • 300+ departmental admission rates for over 40 popular institutions
  • Affordability data (need-based and merit-based aid)
  • Key application requirements
  • Local context optionNew
    • Use your high school historical admissions data to drive how schools are categorized in College Kickstart
    • Additional fee

Student ProfileNew

School list

  • Enter lists of 6-30 schools
  • Rank orderable
  • Indicate strength of commitment to top choices

Academic Credentials

  • SAT section scores (redesigned)New
  • ACT composite score
  • Weighted GPANew
  • Unweighted GPA
  • Class rank

List Analysis

  • Categorize list into likelies, targets, reaches and unlikelies based on school selectivity and student academic credentials
  • Analyze list for balance and odds of success
  • Recommend improvements
  • Take corrective action using MixFixer™
    • Automatically find likely, target and reach schools for your list based on school selectivity and student academic credentials
    • Filter schools by size, setting or locale
    • Filter schools with no extra Common Application essay
    • Filter schools offering early action
    • Filter schools with need-blind admission policies
    • Filter schools that meet 100% of demonstrated financial need
    • Filter schools with low debt at graduation
    • Filter schools with great merit aid
    • Filter schools with automatic merit scholarship consideration - Premium only
    • Filter schools with low net cost of attendance - Premium only
  • Personalize recommendations based on list and academic credentials
  • Automatically updates every time the student's college list or academic credentials change

Early Admission Strategy

  • Recommend appropriate strategies across entire list
  • Prevent applying early to unlikely schools
  • Prevent applying early to schools where odds are worse
  • Ensure terms and conditions are met for each early opportunity recommended
  • Consider schools with rolling admission and multiple priority windows
  • Automatically updates every time the student's college list or academic credentials change

Action Plan Recommendations

  • Prepare and recommend action plan to minimize wasted motion
  • Capitalize on early admission opportunities and/or schools with rolling admission or multiple priority windows
  • Ensure merit scholarship deadlines are met for likely schools
  • Automatically updates every time the student's college list or academic credentials change

Plan Details

Provide supporting detail for each school in list, including:

  • Whether the school is a likely, target, reach or unlikely school and why
  • Whether to pursue early decision, early action, restrictive early action or regular decision and why
  • When to apply and why
  • Applicant, admitted and enrolled student mix
  • Admission rate by admission plan (where available)
  • Academic performance assessment
  • Affordability rankings for need and merit-based aid, as well as key supporting metrics
  • Source data notes
  • Automatically updates every time the student's college list or academic credentials change

Plan Highlights Tables

One-click access to the essentials of each student's latest plan

  • Summary View with admission plan, category of schools, action plan wave, application due date, application notification date, application fees, and link to majors
  • Requirements View with application deadlines, testing policies, interview policies, essay prompt counts, links to checklists
  • Need-based Aid View with need-blind, percent with need awarded aid, percent need met, percent need met from scholarships/grants, average package, average indebtedness, net cost
  • Merit Aid View with auto consideration, percent without need receiving merit aid, average merit package, merit deadlines, net cost, indebtedness, link to merit page
  • Automatically updates every time the student's college list or academic credentials change

Counselor Dashboard

  • Student accounts included based on subscription level
  • Personal use account included
  • Flexible modes of operation:
    • Counselor-powered: College plans are 100% driven by counselor
    • Student-powered: College plans are 100% driven by student
    • Counselor-to-student-powered: Counselor prepares and reviews initial plan(s), then assigns control to student when ready
  • Select mode of operation for each student individually
  • Track student activity history and progress
  • Track impact on list quality, early admission and wasted motion for individual students and across entire practice
    • List grade and trend
    • List confidence score
    • Early opportunities found
    • Early admission average rate boost
    • Applications avoided if admitted to highest ranked school
    • Application fees avoided if admitted to highest ranked school

Personalized Plan PrintingNew

Available for Counselor plans with 10 students or more

  • Print professional-quality college plans for your students
  • Brand with your logo
  • Include custom commentary
  • Your Brand

    Your Brand

    Deliver professional-quality college plans with your logo and custom commentary
    Assumptions and Findings

    Assumptions and Findings

    Summarize plan assumptions and findings
    List Check

    List Check

    Assess the college list for balance and odds of success
    Early Admission

    Early Admission

    Help your client capitalize on early admission to skew odds more in their favor
    Action Plan

    Action Plan

    Create an action plan to minimize wasted motion
    Plan Summary

    Plan Summary

    Summarize overall plan recommendations
    Key Application Requirements

    Key Application Requirements

    Provide key application requirements for each school in your client's list
    Need-Based Financial Aid

    Need-Based Financial Aid

    Consider need-based financial aid as part of the plan
    Merit-Based Financial Aid

    Merit-Based Financial Aid

    Consider institutional merit scholarship opportunities as part of the plan

Plan and Outcome ReportingNew

Available for High School Counselor subscriptions only

  • Track admission outcomes
    • Accepted, denied, waitlisted, attending
    • Financial/merit aid received
    • Applicant hooks
  • Push button reports to track impact on planning and outcomes
    • Summary report
    • Acceptances report
    • Matriculation report
    • Quintiles report
    • Planning report